Furniture talks

Furniture that talks?
You may have seen many of our posts about furniture being up-cycled by the wonderful coastal chic, but why are we doing this?

Yes, all of the furniture we have had done look great but there is a deeper meaning.

First and foremost it is meant to engage people who see it, it sparks conversation and with hope can cause a distraction from a persons worry or anxiety and daily routines.

Many people living with disability can find it hard to engage first in conversation or engage at all, so perhaps while sitting in living area’s someone will say ‘what do you think of that bureau?’

Opinions formulate and conversation flow is the real hope of why we do what we do. 

Coastal chic are not a specialised dementia service or care home specialists, but they understand that exciting and unusual up-cycling can have a big impact on an environment like ours. 

It is often overlooked how an environment can really impact on a persons well being, so by continuing to strive for an interactive/engaging environment we hope this will have some contribution too maintaining well being in our home.

– Luke 

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